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Robin Hood Events has brought together for 2020 some of the best archers, archery instructors and event organisers in the businesss... This is why we can guarantee " The Ultimate" Archery Experience"


archery on TV Steve Nicholson... heads up our team of Instructors and Marshals. A county, regional and International champion, which is why he is used by the media when there is just one chance to get it right. Steve has been involved in the outdoor leisure business for 30 years.

Caroline Harrison .. When it comes to catering it's almost magic what Caroline produces out of our field kitchen, our standards are high but hers are higher, one of the things we are most proud of is the fantastic quality of our meals.

Sarah Hare

Tim Seed.... Tim has rapidly established himself as one of the best archers in Kent - 2020 will see him take his rightful place  as one of the UK's top HT archers and an indispensible marshal and instructor at Robin Hood Events.

Roger Wragg

Terry Stevens.. 2020 will see "our Tel" take his place at the very highest echelons of competition archery - his current syle is Barebow where is is undefeated for the past 8 months - odds on as National Champion and to represent England in 2020.

Roger Page

Steve Capp ... An accomplished Longbow and flatbow shooter Steve is a wonderful Instructor, endless patience, a love of archery and a passion for the bow combined with 15 years experience - a perfect combination -

Sioned Jones

The Cisco Kid ... Some folk are born to teach, Francisco is blessed with the skill to impart knowledge in an easy to understand manner and his enthusiasm and love of archery will captivate you and draw you in..Cisco will bring out the kid in you too !!

Brian Horne

Brian Horne .. From Danish Holmgaard to Snakey Yew, Brian has made them all and shot them all. A county champion and expert field archer, he is an authority on Primitive and Wooden bows.

Dan Landsley

Bob Sage .. Bob manages to make archery even more fun that it already is, a superb instructor needs skill, patience and enthusiasm along with the genuine desire for you to succeed .. meet Bob, the perfect instructor

Tate Hounsel

Tate Hounsel.... Tate is all in. He shoots Flatbows, Horsebows and Longbows. He also is an adept at the Longsword, with which he competes full contact. Hewas 2017 World Champion Longsword fighter and part of the England Team which became world champions in 5 v 5 in 2017 - he says " bring on the Russians"

Andrew Gilfrin Archer

The Gilfster.... A 30 year archery veteran, competes internationally and at the highest level and is rumoured to hold more silverware than Asprey, Robin Hood Events is fortunate to be able to call on his services and considerable experience.

Steve Rand

Steve Rand .. Steve has studied both the technical and practical aspects of archery, with such a broad knowledge base along with being one of the UK's top barebow archers makes him an excellent archer, teacher, instructor and game marshal.

Richard Ashbee

Richard Ashbee ... A traditional shooter, Richard is rapidly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. A great marshal needs not only skill but a sense of humour, Richard posesses both these qualities in abundance.

Darren Stevenson

Terry Downs .. Terry is a technical archer with an almost inexhaustible knowledge of the science behind archery - which makes him an excellent instructor and game marshal. He shoots American Flatbow and is feared throughout the land.

Ian Avery

Jan Seed .. A superb instructor and marshal,Jan shoots a Recurve well. When someone who enjoys archery so much shows you what to do, it is inevitable that you will soon be as enthused as she is.


Joolie .. A traditional shooter Joolie can shoot recurve, flatbow or hunting bow, having both skill and style and adept at both instinctive and point of aim she is a wonderful instructor and we are lucky to have her.

Alex hare

Alex Hare .. A great archer needs "the eye" and a great instructor needs the ability to explain complicated concepts in simple terms, Alex is that combination.

Lin Downs

Lin Downs .. A traditional shooter Lin favours the Flatbow, having both skill and style and adept at both instinctive and point of aim she is a wonderful instructor and we are lucky to have her.

Nathan Eavy

Nathan eavy .. A superb instinctive and technical archer, shoots a performance hunting recurve, archery should be about fun and Nathan has the ability to strike the right balance of instruction and fun, which is what Robin Hood Events is all about

John Hadlow

John Hadlow .. John recently had a haircut.

Jim the archer

Jim Baldock.... Jim has a wealth of experience in outdoor events since the 80's, he is one of the best truly instinctive archers we have ever seen, a county record holder Jim has been known to shoot a sausage from a roll at 30 yards


Jess .. an instinctive archer with a keen eye and an even sharper wit, Jess will have you shooting like a demon ...or.. rolling with laughter... probably both !

Andy the didge player

Andy .. A top class English Longbowman, of all the bows ever designed the English Longbow is probably the hardest to shoot well... when you are as good as Andy you have earned your wings !!!

Ian Tillot

Ian Tillot .. Ian's real job involves passing on information to large groups, as an expert archer he makes a fantastic instructor, in short time you will be having fun by hitting all the targets.

Roger Wragg

Roger Wragg.. A superb instructor and professional organiser. Roger is the ultimate multi-tasker, he has been known to hit multiple targets whilst completing The Times crossword.

Nigel Fletcher

Nigel Fletcher ...An extraordinarily gifted archer. this is the guy at school who was great at every sport... every school had one ! We are thrilled to have Nigel instructing.... and so will you be ..

Roger Page

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Special offer available NOW at our Kent venue Just £49 per person on our standard weekend experience days.. Thats a £20 per person DISCOUNT!!.

The New Super Amazing Robin Hood venue opening 2020... Expect the unexpected !!

Next Masterclass with availability - Call for details

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