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Masterclass ... Archery Lessons ... Archery tuition

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This class is aimed at all ability levels from complete novices to archers who shoot regularly and want to improve. If you have just bought a bow or are thinking of buying a bow this class will be invaluable. If you don't hit every target you shoot at, find out why.

Hi Steve,

Just a quick note to say thanks for a brilliant day. The masterclass was all I could wish for, and then some!
Your knowledge is astounding and the ease with which you instruct and inspire couldn’t fail to get anyone shooting well.

Keep up the good work. Regards, Andy

Next Dates

Canterbury venue...Call for details

We provide everything you will need including lunch and free tea and coffee all day for the incredible price of just £69 per person. You may already own kit in which case you are welcome to bring it along but note, the emphasis is on developing the archery skills needed to shoot at any target at any distance with any bow, so- sights, rods, stabilisers, scopes clickers, pins, rubber bands, kissers and release aids are not permitted, neither are compounds or crossbows.

Hello Steve,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the stunning Masterclass last Thursday (9th sept). I have learned more on that one day than on previous beginners six session classes with my local club coach. Could I ask you to put my name on the list for your dvd when it all comes together, as I'm sure it'll be super useful to top up the new techniques you've taught me. Many thanks for your time

Best wishes


Masterclass archer Learn when to stand and when and why to crouch, how to crouch and maintain a stable shooting platform. Learn how elevation changes the shot and how to never miss those little pesky targets that gloat from 5 yards as your arrow sails over the top or the long range targets you know you'll miss before you even shoot. Learn how your arrow choice affects the shot and why you should always have a quiver of different size and weight arrows. All about spine of arrows, how to change it and why. Once you have been taught all these techniques you will be shown how to decide which arrow, draw, stance and loose technique to use.
If you already shoot you will have noticed that some archers do consistently well in certain disciplines, they know something you don't-- and they ain't talkin'. Until now, there have been few archers prepared or skilled enough to share what knowledge they have, Until now you could have paid £69 for an hour of instruction. But now there is Masterclass, and the £69 is not for an hour but a whole day and lunch!!

I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable and instructive day at your "Masterclass" on 2nd September this year. I have been shooting for about ten years but had never had any formal training, basically self taught as most archers seem to be. It helped me to focus on techniques that I had heard of before but no one had ever shown me how.

Still with this fresh in my mind, the following Sunday at our open club shoot I managed to win my class (H/T) and also achieved the second highest score out of all classes. I still believe it is not the winning but the taking part that counts, but I confess to a rather smug feeling when collecting my trophy!

D.C. London

Come to the experts, our instructors between them have held WFAA International Bowhunter champion   Longbow Kent indoor championship (3 times), Longbow Kent outdoor championship (2 times), Southern Counties Longbow indoors (3 times), Longbow field championship, American Flatbow championship, records for field and target in both longbow and flatbow, First Lord ,Surrey County championship, Agincourt International champion. British Barebow 3d,  and a whole host of other titles, they could muster several tonnes of silverware between them (almost).

So when it comes to Barebows we know what we are talking about!!
Any questions mail me. For those prepared to travel we have special rates for a number of hotels and b&b's in the area.

Dear Steve,

What a truly brilliant day, thank you!

Your master class has opened up for us a whole new side to archery, one which exorcises the reliance upon wheels, sights, stabilisers and all those other gadgets and gizmos by bringing it back to you, the archer. Scary stuff – remind me, how the heck does it work… ?

An extremely well run day, thoroughly enjoyable, instructive and enlightening.  We’re looking forward to turning up to our first 3D shoot where we aren’t accused of being the ‘twiddlers’ – that’ll freak them out

Many thanks also to Big Jim for his excellent support and guidance and to Caroline for looking after us so well with the food and refreshments; a cut above!

Here’s to the next time.

Martin and Louise (slug killer)
PS thanks to Giles for his persistence in finally getting us there - nice one!

Master Archertxt floating left hopefully !!

archery experience  

Hi Steve
just to let you know that things have moved on apace since we attended your master class.  whilst Kim is progressing well in the club and scores
improving nicely I have been shooting field events almost exclusively to the point where I have now been selected to shoot for Essex, something I am
still having trouble coming to terms with.

Once again many thanks for all your hints and tips maybe I could come and help out in future events and give back some of what I have gained from you.

You will be shown the methods to shoot barebow Recurves, Longbows, Flatbows and Scythian bows, we have a formidable armoury with bows of all draw weights from 12LBS up to 130LBS.

Our instructors will show you how to use point of aim to group arrows where you want them, you will learn how to effectively gap shoot and how to estimate distances, the secrets of canting the bow along with split vision techniques and how to turn method in to a usable instinctive technique will be explained. Learn new draw techniques, anchor techniques, finger position techniques, string walking and face walking, why to do it and when.

I can't thank you enough for Friday  because apart from a magic day out with you I shot our open Windsor competition full of confidence yesterday and increased last year's score in the rain by 40% with 81 hits, 4 non scoring, on the boss - well pleased and even remembered the 3 secs after every shot (thought you'd like that) I came second in the competition, it was so nice to be shooting again after being at rock bottom for so long, you certainly kicked MY arse where it was needed!
I gave out your leaflets to our keen field archers and told them they can't afford to miss out. They were impressed with the change in me so I was probably a good advert for you. I'm also pleased you tried my bow out as your arrow info is timely, I'm just about to make a new set so we'll see how it goes.
All the best,

Archery lessonMaximum Pupil/Instructor ratio is 4 to 1 and you will shoot more arrows in a day than you ever shot before, the day is packed with all the information to become the archer you want to be. You will have the chance to practice all the techniques on a huge selection of 3ds' and other inventive and impressive targets at varying distances.
Learn the tricks that other archers don't want you to know.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for a superb Masterclass shooting day. Great company, good food and top location. 'Field' is clearly where I am destined, 3D turkeys watch out!!!!The coaching skills and enthusiasm were such a pleasure to see, it is clear that you have a passion for all things of the bow and this made
the day so enjoyable. I intend to pick-up where we left off today and the club shoot on Sunday will see me back in the 'zone'! (not certain whether we have any plastic animals to hunt at the moment...will have to lean on the treasurer...)
Kind Regards

Whether you are a novice archer or have never held a bow before, but always fancied having a go or even if you are an experienced archer and always wonder how the other guy hits so many of his shots. (you might even be the other guy who wants to stay in front). We will explode the myths and you will see the results yourself.
One thing is certain, you will leave a better archer than you arrived.

Archery tuition


Hi Steve, Jim, Becky, Caroline

Thanks for a really great day on Fridays masterclass we both learnt so much.  To prove the point Kev shot a western at Colchester on Sunday, scored 413 and beat everybody by a country mile – all thanks to your expert tuition.                    Thanks again Kevin and Kim

txt floating right hopefully !!

Special offer available NOW at our Kent venue Just £49 per person on our standard weekend experience days.. Thats a £20 per person DISCOUNT!!.

The New Super Amazing Robin Hood venue opening 2020... Expect the unexpected !!

Next Masterclass with availability - Call for details

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